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is the exposure to subzero temperatures with the objective of stimulating a cold shock response, which then starts the body's self-repair process. It activates your body's self-repair! Which means faster recovery, anti-inflammation, pain management, enhanced mood, skin, and sleep.

We offer our cryotherapy sessions to everyone and is separate from our gym access membership.

To Book A Session:
1. Sign Online Release of Liability
2. Choose your package & create an account
3. Book online or
Text: 707.836.4327


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Current Special:
1x per week for $120
*Expires 30 days  from 1st session
2x per week for $200
*Expires 30 days from 1st session

Appointment Packages:
Single: $50
5 Pack: $225
10 Pack: $400


Unlimited Sessions:
Enrollment Fee $150
3 Month Contract

$200 per month
*Available at
6:20am, 9:20am & 6:20pm


Private Party:
30 Minutes For $300


Sports & Fitness

Decreases Muscle Soreness, Pain & Inflammation

Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Increase Energy & Peak Athletic Performance

Allows more intense & higher volume training

Boosts Lymph Draining & Blood Circulation

Improves Muscle Strength & Joint Function

Overall faster return to sports training

Decreases Injury Recovery Time

Improves immune system

Decreases fatigue

Health & Wellness

Helps Symptoms of:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis



 Multiple Sclerosis

Phantom Pain

  Chronic Pain Syndrome

Depression & Mood Disorders

Immune System Improvement

Central Nervous System Disease

Degenerative Disease of Joints & Spine

Inflammation of Tendons, Bursa, Joint Capsules

Beauty Benefits

Cellulite Reduction

Tighter & Healthier Skin

Stronger & Fuller Hair & Nails

Fewer Skin Blemishes

Increased Metabolism & Caloric Burn

Increased Collagen Production

Treatment of Psoriasis & Dermatitis

Boosts Lymph Draining & Blood Circulation

Activates Natural Biological Regeneration

*Appointments available Monday - Thursday & half days on Fridays.
*EFT Monthly Package for specific group times on MindBody Schedule
*Private Parties of 6 or more are available Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings.
*Packages can not be shared or transferred
*Student, First Responder, Military Discount with valid ID of 10% except on specials & parites
*All appointments require 24 hour notice of cancellation with confirmation or client forfeits the session

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